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K Venkateswara Rao MBA (HRM)

Key Features of MBA in HRM (Human Resource Management):

The MBA in HRM or Human Resource Management is the two year post graduation degree program for a graduate which basically means the management of employees in organization. MBA in HRM involves the specialised training program in human resource management like planning strategies, recruitment, hiring of employees, and training of employees.

  • This MBA in HRM is a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management studies.

  • A course for those wanting to develop a management career in strategic human resources.

  • Share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of others in your multi-cultural 'Learning Team'.

  • Provides you with a thorough grounding in Business HR Management via integrating the main functional areas through the application of strategic HR management.

  • Business skills of leadership, communication, teamwork and decision-making are the key focus of the compulsory oneweek residential (off-campus study trip) - costs are covered by us.